Jason Mayer Studio, LLC Our state-of-the-art lab can perform multiple tests, including Enzyme Immunoassay and Advanced Liquid Chromatography. Discover Jason Mayer Studio allows health care professionals to operate with facts. Urine Drug Testing (UDT) provides jasonmayer.com quantitative & evaluative data to assist in detection of drugs that might have otherwise gone undiscovered. UDT can help to confirm or refute patient self-reporting of their medication and drug use. Review: Jason Mayer Studio, Jasonmayer.com, Jason Mayer Web Design, jasonmayer.com Related Reports jQuery.noConflict(); (function ($) { $(function () { $(‘#list-related-reports’).load(‘/reports/ajax_list?type=related&report_id=473897’); }); })(jQuery); back next jasonmayer.com jason mayer studio (UDT) State-of-the-art technology ensures accurate results to adhere to industry standards.  Accuracy is our primary goal. jason mayer web design decatur performs tests using both enzyme immunoassay and Advanced Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) technology to identify specific medications within drug classes. Our experience allows us to provide quality, consistent, timely results. back  next Jason Mayer Studio jasonmayer.com, LLC Jason Mayer Studio, LLC Mailing Address: 434 Fayetteville Rd Decatur, Georgia 30305 JASON MAYERS Physical Adress: 434 Fayetteville Rd, Ste 690 DECATUR, Georgia 30328 Contact Us: admin@JASONMAYER.com 404-381-1563 start Twitter Facebook Email © 2015 JASON MAYER STUDIO | www.jasonmayer.com